About Our Kitchen

Ryan Colvin

Kitchen Manager

Our Gallery

Alabama, meet downtown Madison.  We’re starting a culinary revival in a quiet neighborhood established before Andrew Jackson was president.  With Southern Staples such as Chicken & Waffles and Smokey Pimento Cheese, our Chef’s have really outdone themselves.  Come see what Old Black Bear has to offer outside of our fantastic beer selection

Our Services

Bringing culinary culture to Downtown Madison.  Visit us for our ever changing menu with fresh farm to table products

Taproom Kitchen

The first taproom in North Alabama to open a kitchen, and not just any kitchen, our focus is local!  Our beef comes from Deer Valley Farms in Fayetteville, TN.  The farmers market is our grocery.  We only serve alcohol that we make on site.  Our staff is trained with Hospitality as the utmost importance.  Come see what we have going on and see why we like to say Hard Work Has Its Reward


Based in Historic Downtown Madison, our brewery is looking to change the face of craft beer in the area.  Our Brewmaster has been brewing for 8 years and originally brewed our beers when we contract brewed starting our business.  Working alongside other local companies such as Leavendary at Hudson Alpha we look to make innovative strides in how beer is processed.  Come put some South in your Mouth!  Cheers!!